Eighteenth poem from Emotions.

They say I am too weak for the strong
For the problems that will come along
They did fooled me mind once too
Into thinking that I am no one but who
But I have the mettle of a soldier
I harbour great courage in my holster
And if the winds would turn even colder
My manners likewise will get even bolder

And just like from the moment I loved her
Eternity will I keep — evermore shall I hold her

Yeah! the very situation I am into
The same years ago not a day or two
I took the road that lead me to the now
To the point that I am — hereby avow
This goes to every shard of trouble
Every mistake that shook my hull
Everyone who discarded my doctrine
And took away oh! what was mine
This thank I pass from my heart
For all of it all put me at vanguard

Yeah! the very air that I am breathing
Is something I have to keep my faith in
I am facing the evolved form of the ago
Yet I’m a conformer harbouring lesser ego
So I would do what I can do — must do
From a gloom of the common I grew
What I have now is what I will cherish
For nature needs no unfit for they perish
Behold the mightier and superior of me
I present myself from head to toe to thee

Take away my substance — all material
But no one can take away my will
Smirk all you can at me, might be your perk
Steal all but you cannot steal my hard work
This situation is a challenge to me
And like every sportsperson he or she
In all ethics accepts it in good spirit
So shall I — this is the prayer of my wit
Tell me all you can for it is all you can do
No can quit, no can turn, never shall do


4 thoughts on “NO CAN QUIT

  1. Now is that the words seem potent 😀
    and hammerd to my skull
    like an iron-clad hull
    bangs against the coastline of mine
    and sets a wave
    loved it ! loved it!
    “Yeah! the very air that I am breathing
    Is something I have to keep my faith in”
    oh critically breathtaking lines!

    Liked by 1 person

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