We are living breathing miracles
Who are doomed to spend but a finite time
We are seemingly exotic parcels
Beneath and above of the grounds of crime
We are a sleep driven tragedy asleep
We are cruel humans; haphazardly sublime
We are a smothering pillow of weed
Wounded in and out, possessed by wine

Fantastic it is that how in an instant
The whole glory becomes the folly perchance
Monsters and men stand hand in hand
Tattered bodies withering for earthly cognisance
The day drinks waters mucked by men
The night sings lullaby to the departed radiance
Vow bounden people singing sorrel
Red is passion, brown is sad; ’tis fake romance

Fantastic it is that how in an instant
We become a part of an even larger entity
In a flash of a second how the soul
Sees, breaths, leaps and bounds an eternity
We see divinity in common things
The complex is what sees us with divinity
And how both predator and prey
Can consume each other with great alacrity




Sometimes I feel benthic
This solid stratum
Sometimes I feel broken
I assume rock bottom

Poison of hatred
I never catered
Yet harmony seems broken
And faith seem shattered

This utter turmoil
In a form unknown
A game of blames
All seems con

Beings deprived of love
Folk seeking happiness
And acting so dumb
Living less and less

Having kindness lost
Converts into inhuman
What have we made
Of a decent person

They speak of changing
Manners and oneself
They say many things
Yet none for themselves

Preaching of love
Throwing in tough
Blaming the character
Seeping through rough

But Time decides
It is the power
And Faith resides
Those who don’t cower

Now who am I?
I am a phoenix
And what do I feel?
I am all frolic

Rocky or not
Bentham below the dot
I am calm and poised
And I miss no shot

I am a champion
Over my demons
I am breathing
Though pressure is tons

I don’t care anymore
Of your words
Mine are more potent
Than your curse

I am a fiend
Residing in disguise
I have a voice
That speaks against vice

I live in present
I savour the challenge
I mock my weaknesses
Trade it for advantage

I trade for money
And not for time
I smoke no sorrow
Drown in no brine

Life I acknowledge
I will carry on
Each day might be last
Living with a don

Keeping the courage
Whatever will hurt
With a child in myself
Seeking rainbows in desert



Nilesh Nikalje


This one is for my sister Shivani.

“Remember always that you are a very important person to me and that I rarely use the word ‘very’.”


First I am going to feed my mind
With every beautiful thought I can imagine
The beautiful flowers that I find
In which nature’s beauty is entwined
Is all I will focus on for some time
All negative thoughts that keeps me wind
They shall all be, by me, fixed or bleached
Or will be replaced by positive ones  every single time

Then I am going to envision my aim
Over and over again for it is what matters
I envision all that is good and fain
Sway away all that wastes and shatters
I know what I feel is what I will gain
Over again I see my aim, my aim is all I see
Every shred of my soul empowers my tether
And my tether will be composed, not free

I believe in my aim and I am going to make it
For my barrier is all created by me
I am the one who is going to break it
And I will as the world will see
I am a soul who knows its role in this skit
A skit this life be but I too, am sharp with irony
I will serve my purpose by being the fit
I will be the champion of my destiny

To do that, I needs empower my will
I will do the things I fear the most
Shall seek for betterment of life to thrill
Start with having some time for me to be lost
In myself, climbing my mind’s hill
Tending my body and eating more than a toast
Since better body counts for a better will
And a better will scares off every hoax

I will not ever stop learning
For I do not know so much
I will not ever stop thinking
For no one seem to think lush
I spare some time for the rhyming
Soothing my ear with Music’s touch
Have a mindset for a character upbringing
Which is strong and just, to end the rush

Then I will speak it all to myself
To remind me over and over again
I will speak what is needed and not yelp
Whatever comes in my head I will retain
Brevity is wit, prolixity is not, know thyself
Happiness is a journey, I am riding that train
Soul is eternal and not the pain, I help myself
I will serve to me and humanity without gain

It is hard at first but I know I can do it
I know when I have to say no and when I have to go
I will live in the present; it is what I will be with
Past is gone and future; is to have a vision in flow
Give to those who ask and are in need, so heed
Live with the zest in my heart and let it grow
In knowing oneself should one be prow
I must needs do it, so from all bad I shall be freed



We are a bunch of selfish people
Each looking for their token
Some of us are broken apart
In a sense that we feel broken
We are the sort that look at mistakes
Out of all the right things done
We are the sort of people who fake
Even with ourselves in the name of pun

This dead person from within
Who sees no good in the respectable humanity
This dead being who trusts no one
Has no belief whatsoever in existing fraternity
To it even the greatest of joys parch to sorrow
To it what remains is lost or worry’s heathen
And then what good does good define
When the good is put at the muzzle of the gun

But the reflection of what seems bad
Is all just a state of mind
An enemy — like friend is a state of mind
This love you feel is a state of mind
This brutality in discussing the complex
And the complexity itself is a state of mind
Your life is the sum of your memories they say
Memory itself is a state of mind

We are a bunch of selfish people
With the selfish state of mind
We are broken apart
With the broken state of mind
We look at mistakes and we fake
Dead within — replay and rewind
Seeing no good, feeling no good
Blaming and whining with nonsensical wind

We ruin our state of mind then blame it
All the same the mind cultivates us getting hurt
And ruin our character instead
We break our bonds on someone else’s word
We poison what we eat and drink
So as to alter the state of mind is absurd
We breath but do not live
Then live but not for self all the more disturbed

It is the state of mind — this greed for more
These sins silenced provoked on encore
Why can you not be in the good state
When you have no mental ailments at your door
Why do you choose to be miserable for no good reason
Putting to test every simple chore
Polluted, obscure to the obvious
Choosing the wrong state of mind to the very core


Two kinds of love each complete and capable enough
One of which is Platonic and the other one is Romantic
Platonic is the love that lacks passion but is intimate
Romantic is the love lacking commitment; is passionate
There is a third love too — it is not love to be precise
It’s mere infatuation meeting commitment — fatuities

A friend; man or a woman one tells all of one’s secrets
That’s the intimacy one seek which defines the platonic
One has a man or a woman one shares one’s bed with
That is what a passionate love is, they are not committed
The only thing common among the two kind of loves
Is the intimacy one shares without being called doves

Luckiest is a being who has medley of two kinds of love
Kind o’ love that is; intimate, committed and passionate
It’s a kind — complete and if mutual is all a couple needs
And It’s what a people seek in each one of their deeds
Whatever the kind of love it is though, it needs a taste
Of respect and admitting the flaws, there is no haste

Love has no boundaries, no religion, no expectations
Love is calm, precious all it has are beautiful feelings
Then, is it true that no love is complete without pain?
Does it go together with concept of no pain, no gain?
Yes pain is essential but it is a test of wrong and right
Love is blind to the beauty that is superficial but inside

This poem is basically a result of the awesome side dish video I watched on Coursera from the Introduction to Psychology course in which our professor Steve Joordens tells us about Sternberg’s Triangular Theory of Love. To be precise there are actually seven kinds of love: Liking, Infatuation, Empty, Romantic, Platonic, Fatuous and finally a more complete one i.e. Consummate Love. All except liking, infatuation and empty love; are a part of the poem, they were not included as the subject of the poem is mutual love and not one sided love.

I have heard many wondering, “Do you think I am in love or is it just infatuation?” and now I can confidently tell them whether they are in love or not. 😀
The Triangular Theory of Love of Sternberg’s (CC0 image uploaded by AnonMoos — wikipedia commons)
The awesome thing is that the image colour matches with the theme of my blog! :))

Origins: It all originated when I posted a discussion on the discussion forum suggesting that the last MOOC’s run’s videos be uploaded as side dish videos and to my surprise my suggestion went noticed and the gems (side dish videos I mean) were uploaded!

One of these eight gems is the lecture on Love in which professor explains the Sternberg’s Triangular Love Theory. Fascinating!

It’s an amazing course, do join it if you love psychology. 🙂