8:42 PM 07/09/2017

I’ve had had a bad day
Even bad days would’ve had a better day
I’ve been havin’ a headache
I can’t seem to go past the dead end

I’ve been know for my bad ways
The ways have had their impacts
I’ve been counting my mistakes
And far too many I’ve made mad

The sad part of it all is that
All of it, I may have planned it
And when it ends, my bad day
I’m back to what I began with

I should have taken the cab
My chaps tell me to chug a Prozac
Should upload a photo with a hash tag
and tell the world about me bein’ a drag

I should’ve just rolled up in the rag
Or pack my favorite things in my bag pack
But no I had no intention of goin’ nowhere anymore
Not even whine about it; instead I’d love havin’ a good days’ nap




I find it hard to believe
Such vast a vocabulary
But I write only the filth
Such ignoramus pride
Over utter nothingness
Yet I call myself skilled

Get up, run, kiss your filth
Do, develop, become skilled

How filth finds the abyss
In the form of a clear mind
The dirt marring the garb
The sane turned into blinds
Unfrock the frail and lo
With such an ease they lie

Why won’t we target the filth?
When filth is sold and prized

Two roads past I left it all
The corruption I vaunted
Traversed a million miles
Utopia was never found
Taboo they call lethargy
Seldom they run around

Reality washes the filth clean
But laundry men assassinated

The deceptive perfection
Offbeat the ones who chase
Stiletto hidden in sleeves
Substantial stipend to pay
More filth, more reverence
A requiem for this day

The Normal Poem (2K9)

Derived from a chain of complex emotions (feelings) in 2009.

I’m just a normal guy
with all the normal hopes
I’m not the normal guy
who would want to hang the ropes

Sometimes I find myself
beleaguered and be hinged
For a guy like myself
who would not want to be astringed

At times it is vexing
for it’s all there is for me to do
Not much for a bottle of ink
and for this pen and paper too

As I geared words on time
with a few emotional talks
I’d rather cherish my rhyme
but with all the normal hopes


Long time no see for I had been busy with exams and stuff. ๐Ÿ™‚

Finally got the time to finish a thought started as a four line of nothing last year to a meaningful something.
{ 23/11/15 23/05/2016 2:20 AM }-> This is supposed to mean something to me. Don’t worry about it. ๐Ÿ˜€

This is not supposed to be a poem for the nature as depicted by the animals, instead it is about “nature” and the common English name of the animals depicted in the photograph ๐Ÿ˜‰ (Image credits: Pixabay).


Do not lie for I catch them, said she
Do not fake your manner, get real
The reality, you see, goes not unseen
Irony can be as blunt as raw iron
Add some carbon and you get the steel
Even my sarcasms go too far, I know
There is peace, then there is clutter
Love is a strange form of enthusiasm
Tickles from the navel then goes on further
Soon converted to a patterned spasm
Sweetening thoughts and all that is bitter
Converting bitter to all who are sweet
I take too much sugar, too much of it
As if love were not enough as it is
Give love and so you are taking love
Take enough and you are the bathing dove
Have the courage to be stupid enough
But not too much that you face the rough
I sent the echoes and now I cannot speak
I saw the sorrow and now you cannot see
I am losing my senses, none can I keep
I am breathing with pace hoping to be free
I was born an individual free of tags
I knew not of riches nor of the rags
We are born free and hope that it is legal
In this crashing world dipped in illegal
I am once again deluded by the regal
Falsehood has been claimed by the dull
Everybody loves, it makes us human
Also we are bound to make mistakes
Every now and then; and a lot of times
The wrong person is making mistakes too
Then again, love is only as blind as we are





Modesty, honesty and all the rest
Little by little it took all the best
Reasons, beliefs mixed with threats
Little by little, it made no sense
Golden bricks* fallen in the crest

Money, hatred, some evils of pride
Swiftly took them over in a stride
Of greed, this mess had a bride
Leaving them all fretted
Cutting the corners for a deathly ride

Their minds knew no bounds
Wandered into the profound
Their hearts had unusual pounds
Lain, almost seemed right
So close came the hounds*

Fights for bread, shelters and hides
Taking much pride in being quite
What made o’ poor sleepless nights
Troubled from head to the ground
Who was there to decide

Withering attributes, fake pleasance
Commuting sorrows via sรฉance
Leaving abode, pleading for a chance
Had they lived right*
This would’ve been a dance


*Golden bricks = a people (left to the imagination)
*hounds = something bad (left to the imagination and further extrapolation)
*left to the imagination


This one was written on 04/01/2016. It’s a humorous one. Tastes are personified and the flavours suggesting the different feelings emerging in reality. Just know that there are six basic tastes (one being no taste at all i.e. Bland) and six basic emotions. So there is a side by side comparison left for your interpretation.


All I say might make no sense
Same goes for every argument
So I am talking in terms of Taste
For your and my amusement

We like Spicy; Spicy is good
But Spicy gives its usual burn
And surely no added MSG
By all means I intended the pun

Sweet is what I seek
And we do too, all of us
Tang plays the beats
Alleviates all the fuss

The taste of Salt, its parching effect
Best knows the kipper*
Left to dry to not get spoiled
But the Kipper* has no taste for Bitter

A little bit of this and that
Flavours from every end
Some flavour for adventure
Some just to pretend

In the end same old; same old
Story that is not so pretty
Bland becomes the usual Taste
And so Taste is sugar coated reality


*kipper: Them fishes salted for preservation in order to avoid microbial spoilage.
*Kipper: (humorously) the person in unfavorable situation(s)

Image taken from Pixabay.