Second Post

It feels vivacious to be writing a new post under this category but I thought it was worth it. I want to summarise all the work so far posted on my blog by giving one-line explanations for each.

First let me introduce you to the two new categories I’ve expanded upon as I feel to be spiritually awakened somehow after reading works of Gibran Khalil Gibran (12 books) during a recent upheaval of emotions due to some incredible circumstances.

Anyways, these are Train of Thoughts and For Everyday.

Train of Thoughts: This is a miscellaneous category because it is always better to think out side the box and explore new horizons.

The single poem that I’ve written in this category so far (that is published in this blog) is;

From Meaning to Hermits: This is about a people in search of meaning and how this leads some to become hermits while others, jesters.

FOR EVERYDAY: To remind that there is “the winged self” as Gibran puts it.

The Harrow: About the imminent Apocalypse. In Indian mythology, the next harbinger is feared just as the modern literal meaning of ‘harrow’.

The NameSanatan Sanskrti (or as most refer to it: Hinduism; which it is not) is of a people to a single Supreme Godhead; which is beyond imagination. This is written in early modern english to show how people misinterpret based on modern languages; the sacred ancient texts.

EMOTIONS: To arouse different feelings (because feelings are a product of emotions)

Honest Feelings: Ambiguous answer for a two faced society in two voices (one in which the society speaks, and the other of the poet)

The Third Letter to Penelope: A series of letters written to all the wrong people in whom the poet sought love and all the poets who come after the poet shall seek.

No Can Quit: Rise, chase your dreams. You can do it.

Chocolates, Guns and a Pot of Gold: True love is a saviour, it liberates. It does not destroy. Lover is s/he who heals you for the better.

Closure and Closer: Concluding fifth letter to Penelope. Spitting the reality.

Heart of Steel: Written as a challenge of writing a poem out of scratch for someone with refrain of the song of the same name.

ON THE POTENCY OF THE WORDS: Words are potent. They can lose their meaning if said to someone much too often, or they can mean immensely more when said for the first time to someone.

Sentences are the product of words. If a word is 2, then two words are 4. Choose them carefully.

Words to self:  Dedicated to Nilesh Nikhalje; a motivational poem about keeping in mind that there is a silver lining after every eclipse.

I Must Needs Do It: Dedicated to Shivani Sharma (my sister); a motivational poem reminding her to keep focused even when she falters in.

State of Mind: When we choose against our God (something that our heart knows is wrong but we still do it). It is crucial to accept your faults and improve.

On Love and Its Kinds: Clarification of the vocabulary used in love.


In Rain and Draught: Third poem in the series of poem written about loss of someone dear.

First two of the series are: Till Death Now We Part, and In Heavens Shall We Meet. I may upload these someday.

SUGAR COATED REALITY: About how brilliantly one hides the truth to smudge oneself.

The Normal Poem 2K9: About emotional harassment.

The Hot of Love: About tragic relationships in the name of love.

Golden Bricks Fallen: About addiction and suicide.

For Every Taste: About the preference of procrastination over toil. Procrastination blinds you from all taste.


Six Lives: To be or not to be; exploring the dilemma.

Old God, New God: Misinterpretation of The Divine, but correct as per the modern standards.


If there are any suggestions you would like to make, please do! I am an enthusiastic learner.

I would also like to all my dear readers. Honestly, I feel honoured to have even a single view. Then again, Honour is a worthless concept. The correct word is blessed.

I would not say it out loud but most of you guys are writers yourselves and it is really amazing to read what wonderful things you procure. Please keep writing, I look forward to your posts as well.

Grüß Gott! 🙂


The page of conclusions


Globally life is meaningless indeed if gone by the meaning of the word “meaning less”; heed the following:

1.) The whole idea of life for man is to find Purpose
2.) Happiness is best defined as a journey and it is an important part of life (because life is a journey itself).
3.) Sadness, Fear and the remaining 5 basic emotions are also part of this journey
4.) A man understands this journey by understanding its purpose and its parts.
5.) Right, wrong, friend, evil, enemy etc. are all states of mind
e.g. make an enemy a friend and you have a friend an enemy
6.) So having the “right” state of mind is necessary. We have all gifts to choose the right state of mind, which is why we chose god, religion.
7.) Some lesser people to academic intelligence (doesn’t mean they are lesser to other forms of intelligence) try to understand this by theories.
8.) The truth is what the eyes sees and the ears deny.

There are the eight things I could muster up for you if all my studies of Forensics, Linguistics, Psych and Religion [all of Philosophy]

I will add more if there is.

This is the motivator one:

This is about ruining lives:

This is about priority of emotions we give in general to life:

Spicy = Fun
Sweet = Happiness
Salt = Fear
Tang = Joy
MSG = Anger
Bland = Sadness

This is about Sate of Mind: