Trip to Elbrus, and other awesome adventures

I start the post with a general introduction, followed by my personal travelog, and finally gallery.

On 29th of December, 2018 we left for Elbrus, 7 of us: Anton, Liza, Sergy, Nick, Anton the Guns, Irina, and I. While this might be a usual journey for the rest of the group. For me it’s an exploration of Russia from North to South, of the European part of Russia. This puts me a step closer to a possible adventure to Siberia. But for the time being, I just want to say that this has been, like Nepal, an extraordinary adventure for me. I want to sincerely thank the group to make it this cool! 🙂

I prepared myself by bringing the following stuff as recommended by Anton:

cool stuff.png

And my response:


The travelogue:


I left my dorm room at Petrogradskaya, to Anton’s apartment. We planned to leave by the evening but there were some troubles with the van. Thus, we decided to leave the next morn by 8:00 AM.

In my mind I had already left Saint Petersberg, so I didn’t want to go back to my dorm. I met Sergy, Anton’s cousin, and we ate Sushi at a Japanese-European restaurant near Moscowskaya metro. Here I met Liza, Anton’s significant other-half.

Later I left with Anton and Segy to there garage. In St Pt’s you can rent a garage for DIY works. I mention this specifically because it motivates me to make my own cool little shed with tools.

I stayed the night at Anton’s. He showed me all his cool stuff, I didn’t know that Anton played guitars, has a cool 3D printer, plays video games. And Liza plays video games too… how cool is that!


We left early in the morning, we took all the ski equipment to Sergy’s car. Then we left for the van. After packing all the stuff and knowing that the van would do fine. We left to meet the other three fellow travelers, Guns (also named Anton) and his other half Irina, and Nikolai (Nick). Finally we began our journey for Elbrus.


We traveled for 32 hours, it was more than 2500 kilometers. We passed from Moscow (which is crazy big!), and through Rostov, all the way to Terksol near the Russia-Georgia border, Caucasus, the cradle of Indo-European hopes.

Throughout our way, we made stops after every 3-4 hours to eat some snacks, drink some coffee, and warm ourselves up. Half the way Anton drove, half the way drove Sergy. It’s amazing how they could keep up with such constant speed and efficiency. The rest of us were mostly sleeping, watching movies, I was just reading a book about Russian history, and some basics from cognitive neuroscience. While occasionally Nick would take out his little bottle of magic filled with Conyak (about 40% alcohol) and make toasts with the fellow passengers.  For a cool recipe, one spoon (odna lodghka) of Conyak with black coffee can warm you up like a volcano from insides.

By the time we reached there our apartment was already booked. All we had to do was unpack, settle and sleep for the next day.


In the night we went to a nearby café as we didn’t really have anything to eat. As soon as it turned 12:00 AM in the night, a huge number of fireworks were ignited. Everywhere there were people rejoicing the coming of a new year.

We enjoyed the firecrackers, ate crazy and danced the night off. It’s strange that Guns thought that ‘I ate a lot’. But now that I think, I really did eat and drink a lot. With dancing, I guess it was all digested rather quickly.


Today, begins our adventures. We dressed up fine. For winters Anton had already advised me to bring some warm clothes.

We left for the Ski encampment. For a tourist it’s cheaper as compared to Russian people. Unlike most of the places in India, where they would squeeze you out of money just because you look like an English-boi. My pass was valid to take me all the way to the summit, but it turned out that after 3000 meters it was heavy fog and useless to go higher.

The cranes would take us up to 4000 meters above the land, to the heart of Albrus. Guns, Irene, and Nick had already been skiing for 3 hours. And Sergy, Anton, and Liza would Ski for another 4 hours while I would just stand in the snow like a potato.

Not that it is a bad thing to stand like a potato, but maybe if I knew how to Ski it have been better for me. It’s uneconomical to buy a Snowboard from 15000 Rubels (about 17000 Rupees) for a single event. For everyone in the group they go for Skiing or Snowboarding each winter.

I was just happy to be able to reside in the mountain, all packed up, watching hundreds of Snowboarders gliding down the summit of the majestic Elbrus. Anton had hurt his wrist doing some serious Skiing, whilst Liza would go down the summit in an hour, Sergy, Anton, Guns, and Nick would do that within 10 minutes, like a boss. It turns out that Liz learnt to Snowboard maybe two years ago, which brings hope to me. I know how to balance on a skate-board and move forward, so maybe I can do it too!

More importantly, I felt what it is like to stand in a constant snowfall with heavy winds, and the buzz of Snowboarders. It’s great that I was well packed. Thanks to my tolerance of winter I could stay out for hours enjoying the beauty. I appreciated how people lived in northern Siberia, where record low is 90 degrees below zero, LOL! By the time I could say LOL, I would freeze to death.


I would stay this day, relaxing myself. Sergy told me about ice-climbing at a nearby valley. We would go for ice-climbing next day. I would spend the day reading, cooking, drinking coffees and starting outside of the window. If the vid is this beautiful, who wouldn’t want to do this ritual (see picture below).

In the evening we left for a nearby small town, to buy some stuff form the supermarket. I brought a lot of stuff to cook and eat.

In the night we watched the soviet movie Vertical (1967). It was about a few mountaineers who would champ a fictional mountain. It justifiable to say why Russian cinema of the past was one of the best, I didn’t feel that the movie finished so quickly. This was my 3880.5th movie. In the upcoming days I watched three more.

0.5 because I had half-watched First Men (movie about Niel Armstrong going to the moon). Which  I would watch on 8th of January. LOL! 🙂


Others left for Snowboarding, while I, Anton, Liz, and Sergy left for the valley. Firstly, we put on some heavy boots (my God those were heavy) with Koshke (Cat-claws that help to grip the ice while climbing). With proper safety equipment, our task was to climb a 20 meters tall and frozen waterfall.

Anton and Liz were just there to enjoy the beauty of the hills, and make video of my silly struggle with the ice-climbing for the first time.

Our instructor gave us all the tips and tricks and set up a long cord bound to a tree branch at the top, one end of the cord was bound to his waist while other to the waist of the climber. As we would proceed with our ice-climbing he would keep reducing the length of the cord to keep our progress during climbing intact.

Finally, Sergy had a go at it. In 10 minutes, he went up and down, it was a piece of cake for him. It was tough for me but I went up to 75% through the top, in between I shouted “Long Live Mother Russia” to give me strength.

I had no energy left, after that, I felt my soul was going to leave me and dance in the nether. I felt nausea, I pondered how people who climbed the fictional mountain in Vertical did it? I somehow came down, sweating, thinking how bananas this whole thing was. While I relaxed Sergy went to the top and came back again.

Now I had another go at it. This time I think I did better, I was properly climbing but at about half the height an icicle hit me on the lip. I became distracted with the cut on the lip and decided not to continue. Better safe than sorry.

When I came down, I, Anton and Liz left for the bottom of the hill, and waited for Sergy who would eventually repeat this whole climbing 4 times in total, crazy, crazy. But for Sergy it was more of a sport, he had some training in climbing, so no comparing with that. For me it was a new and enjoyable experience.

In the evening we planned to go to the Banya (Russian sauna) but we extended this plan for the next day. Instead, I ventured the streets with Liz and Sergy. Where Liz had to buy something for the skin. The winter is indeed tough. No matter Napolean’s great army suffered so much after he decided to attack Russia in winter.


While Guns advised me to leave for Snowboarding the next day, I did not follow. It would be justifiable for me to spend thousands of rubles on an activity that I know I cannot comprehend in just one day. So, I decided to spend the day relaxing.

Everywhere there was snow up to the ankles. It’s good that I had some fine boots, that made me feel warm and accepted. We went to the sauna. Gunz, Nick, I and Sergy. We would spend four hours here. We had about 5 liters of beers and mint drinks.

So here is how it works, you go into scorching hot temperature (about 80 degrees) and pour water over hot stones, which gives of steam that makes you feel like you are going to burn to crisp. After which you jump into a tank of freezing cold water. Then you go to the room nearby and chug in a lot of beer. And repeat.

Occasionally we would stay in the sauna for 10 minutes then quickly run outside to the snow and rub our whole bodies with the ice and then rush back into the sauna. It was a crazy routine, but by the time we came out of the sauna, it was one of the most relaxing feelings.

Gunz told me that “you’re going to sleep like a baby”, which was indeed true.


I woke up at around 5 in the morning. Sergy thought I didn’t sleep at all, which is quite an accomplishment for me. I didn’t feel tired at all. Today we were going to leave for horse riding.

We walked about two kilometers, I, Anton, Irene, Liz, and Sergy to the open stable nearby. For all of us except Liz, it was the first time riding a horse. The instructor explained everything about how to mount and maneuver the horse. How to make it go fast and slow, and most importantly sit like a king and enjoy the view.

My horse was Basmach, a bit of naughty lad he were, I lost control in-between but managed to go properly in the end. Antons boi was Apache, which seems nice given Anton’s background a military engineer, Irene’s horse, I forgot its name, but Liz’s I shall remember my whole life. It were Byednechka (the little poor one). The story was that Byednechka’s previous owner treated him improperly leaving a lot of hurting wound on the poor lad. It’s good that Byednechka found a proper home.

He took us about 4 kilometers into the valleys, where we stayed for about half and hour. I remembered my God and inscribed Joji in the snow, remembering Nepal. This was altogether amazing experience. Interestingly to warm my hands, I kept it under the nape of the little dog, I might seem like petting it, but mostly I am just warming my hands up. It was -7 and heavy snowfall in the valleys.

On my way back, I maneuvered the horse like a boss. The snow was knee thick (no kidding). I remembered the excerpt from the history book, “a man is done for in the winter without a horse and a woman”.


I slept at around 3 in the night. Me and Nick, 20 years apart in age, were drinking tea, conyak, and discussing about life. He in his broken English and me in my broken Russian. We talked about Socialism, Siberia, Ufa and lots of random stuff. He introduced me to Jack Fresco, I to him, Gibran Khalil. A memorable talk.

We left in the morning, for Saint Petersberg. It will be another 36 hours before we reach St Pete’s by the evening of 7th. On our way we stopped at a hot spring for an hour. Go to hot water, then to the freezing cold water, then to Luke warm water. Sergy and Guns gave me some instruction for swimming but I am so afraid of the water. Partly because in the desert, there is no water to swim LOL. Anyways, I am positive that one of these days I’ll learn how to swim.

Overall it was an interesting and memorable experience for me. A lot of firsts. First time going to summit through a crane, seeing a Ski-park, enjoying Russian Banya, ice climbing, maneuvering a horse, and most importantly, to sit down and do nothing.

By the time we returned to St Pete’s I still had the experience fresh in my mind. I parted my way after Segry dropped me off to my drom near Nabereznaya Reki, Kapofkii.

Thank you, comrades. You made it an excellent vacation! By the time we finished, I had learnt a lot of swear words in Russian, and phrases for being grateful and cherishing life in general.




The Adventures in Nepal

I never had the opportunity to properly write about our Nepal trip. So here are the excepts from my journal with some photos. I would not post videos as I don’t really have too much space on my WordPress disk 🙂

In January, 2018, I left for Nepal with Harshdeep, and Lok. Two my my close friends.


In morning at about 5 AM we left for Delhi from Lok and Harshdeep’s from Jaipur. It turned out that our train was delayed by 2 hours due to fog. I’ve never been fond of travelling via train but Harshdeep insisted that we travel via train and so we did. The fog was a serious risk I was taking it lightly eliminating the chances of the bus through which we would travel ramming into another.

The train left for Delhi at 7 in the morning and was traveling like a sloth. I was angry as the general coach was ram packed but somehow we found a seat. I and Lok in one coach while Harshdeep in other. One of their friend Ankit Upadhyay (he was born at Gorakhpur Junction I must emphasize) who had suggested us the train predicted about the delay and suggested that we travel via the sleeper coach on a general ticket but we were fortunate enough to not follow on this advice as soon after we found a seat flying came in to check tickets.

We decided to get down on Old Delhi railway station from where we took the Metro root as I wanted to take my stuff to my room and pay the rent before we embark on our journey to Nepal. We walked and walked in between Yellow, Violet and Magenta line to arrive somehow at my room by 3 in the noon. I emptied my goods and then we quickly rushed for metro station. I dramatized my tiredness so as to dampen the situation and then by 6:15 PM we reached NDLS. It turned out that our train was delayed to 10:50 PM.

Due to overworking of my brothers on my part I was supposed to treat them and so I suggested that we reach the platform as when I once visited AFRI, Jodhpur they had these cool shops in the station with so much good to eat. Harshdeep suggested otherwise but still I took them and we ended up eating little as the these were the crappiest platforms I had seen with everything overpriced. Anyways, we brought a small plastic sheet and we sat to play UNO. We ate burgers that defied the definition and burgers and drank overpriced coffee throughout our waiting duration.

The train left the station at 11:00 PM 04/01/2018. We were crazy in the train. The next day we were supposed to reach Gorakhpur by 10 AM but we reached by night 12:00 AM on 06/01/2018. Our train was 14 hours late! During the journey we spent over 1000 INR eating everything that came. Chana chaat, Chole poori, Tea, Coffee, this, that and blah blah blah we ate.

I took the liberty to take a dump as soon as we reached the waiting room. We spent the night from 1 AM till 5:30 at the station.

We left for Sounhali at 6 in the morning and by 9 we were at India Nepal border.



We were supposed to reach in the evening. There was a curfew. Who would’ve known? Actually we did but we thought the curfew isn’t going to last long. I suggested at around 10 AM that we travel on foot howsoever far we could. There was no point in sitting there and waiting for the curfew to end. Later that day after walking about 16 km we learnt that the curfew was for an unstated duration. The son of a politician was shot in Bhutol. The same politician got shot an year before.

The electric rickshaw drivers were in full exploitation mode charging about 2000 NR for a length of 23 km. We decided to stay on foot rather getting bugged. We were carrying 5 bags, a suitcase and a small polythene bag. We will travel throughout home with all this stuff.

In evening at about 6 PM; somehow we reached the main three way to Bhutol and Kathmandu. Here we waited for about an hour and ate something. We were thinking about taking a hotel but Harshdeep insisted that we reach home anyhow. The buses and trucks passed by but none stopped. A rickshaw driver came in who was obviously hadn’t a clue of the situation and charged us about 70 NR per head to take us to Lok’s home at about 14 km distance.

We sat in and the driver took us deep into the highway where as the fog had gotten thick and no other vehicle passed he got wind of the situation. About 5 km predestination he stopped the rickshaw and demanded 30 NR more per head. We refused and got out. We should’ve paid 30 NR more as soon after we got out my foot started to pain and Harshdeep’s legs weren’t in good shape either. He gait was getting more and more like a lost duck as we moved by the sidelines of the scary highway.

We stopped somewhere to pee and then I sat next to Lok on a stone at the edge of a small bridge when suddenly a bus came rushing in. I thought the bus was going to take us to afterlife with a sweep scared I tightly hugged Lok who himself was dumbstruck. The bus missed us by a hand’s distance.

At about a km from Lok’s house. Harshdeep sat down and started to cry in pain. I was told by Lok that home is only a signpost away so I rushed with all my might with the two heavy bags. Lok gave a call to me at distance. We had reached the signpost and he said that we still have to reach another. I was disappointed but throughout our journey we were traveling like this. Home was always a signpost or hypothetical pyramid in the distance away.

We reached home finally at about 9 PM. Lok’s parents received us. We greeted and aunty quickly heated some water for us to wash feet while uncle ignited the firebrands. We sat together content in reaching home. It was a good decision to reach home after all.


We slept tight till 12 and decided to stay in home the whole day as our bodies were out of place. There was pain in my feet, a pain that I feel even now at 4:52 PM (11/01/2018) as I writing the summary down.

In the evening we decided to postpone our train till 20th as we had wasted three days in travel alone and now this body pain. We would not be able to spend enough time in the village after this delay. We successfully extended our journey till 20th.


We woke up at 8 and ate breakfast. Then left for Narayanghat at about 10 AM from Lok’s home. At about 12:40 we sat in a Mercedes minibus to leave for Pokhra. Our whole day was expended into traveling and seeing the landscapes through the windowpane of the bus. The track is highly uneven and somewhat dangerous and the view is spectacular.

In the evening we booked a cheap hotel room for 350 NR and went out to eat food. Harshdeep wasn’t feeling well as he ate the food so he left for room. I and Lok roamed the streets in the evening before returning the room.


We left early in the morning. It is good that we decided not to go to Lakeside for a hotel as it turned out that lakeside has really expensive hotels.

Alcohol is in every hotel, restaurant, general store and local vendors in Nepal. You’d find people peddling booze in a basket to sell. Yet the rates are expensive here.

We decided to visit Mahendraguha and Chamereguha today. Harshdeep was as usual busy in taking enchanting selfies of his beautiful self in a variety of positions. Supine, squatted, duck face and what not. While I pulled out my Binocs and started to gander upon the scene.

Chamereguha or Bat cave has many Lupine faced bats clinging on the ceiling and a really small entrance to get out from. Somehow we three got out from that congested small entrance.

At about 2 in the afternoon we decided to visit Lake side which I must tell is a beaut! For SARC people visiting charge is 100 NR. Lok paid 70 NR. We initially fooled people into thinking we are Nepali but Harshdeep’s turban stood out. Which reminds me of the fact that Sardars are really popular in Nepal. Back in the Mercedes mini bus before it left for Pokhra a man came in to take a selfie with Harhdeep while Lok and I stared at each other. The children on the street chanted “shava shava balle balle!”. Harshdeep was indeed the highlight of the trip. I suggested that he sings a Nepali song and upload a video. It’d get immensely popular I am hopeful.

Anyways back to Lake side. Lake side is like little Europe. At the distance one can see para-gliders on the mountains. So many expensive stuff for the tourists who can afford them. We were only roaming through the streets staring at the pomp. We decided to stay there till evening and then retire for the room.


We visited Davi’s fall and World Peace Pagoda today. Davi’s fall is a 200 ft deep water sink where miss Davis a swiss citizen was swept away with her husband while taking a bath.

World Peace Pagoda was what took our breath away. We had to walk a good amount of inclination but the view from the top was spectacular. One can clearly see the Annapurna range, Lake side, Machapucha (Fishtail) mountain and whole of Pokhra from the top. It was good that we had Binocs with us.

We regret not visiting Gupteshwar Mahakaleshwar cave but it was alright as we had to walk a lot this day. In the evening we visited the mall where I found a really cool outfit but couldn’t buy it as my credit card was not valid in Nepal. I brought a cool cap anyway.

Our bus left at 7 in the evening. It would eventually take us to Lok’s home by 5 PM next morning.


This day was spent in having rest. Harshdeep woke up at 12 then get back to sleep at 2 and that continued till 7.

In between Lok and I went to see a tree beneath with Buddha sat in Devdah (birthplace of Mayadevi, Buddha’s mother) which is a few pedals away from Lok’s home.


This day we went to shop in Butwal. I had transferred 10K INR into Lok’s account which would translate as 16K NR. There were three SBI ATMs but they had a lot of rush. It took us 2 hours to get the money out.

I brought myself converse sneakers, a decent hoodie, a skateboad, shoes for mummy and gifted one pair to Harshdeep of Nike AF1.


Today we went to Lumbini (birhplace of Lord Buddha at Mayadevi Temple). The place is full of monasteries from different countries viz. China, Korea, Nepal, Thailand etc. The place itself had been restored by the efforts from Thailand. There is one World Peace Temple and various meditation centers.

// Random Secret Information //

In the evening when we returned to Buddha Chok we ate some of the best momos I’ve ever eaten with soup.


We planned to leave today at 5 in the morning. Harshdeep had a severe cold so now we’ll leave the next day at the same time.


We left early this morning. This day it were Makarsankranti in Nepal so there was a rush to take a bath in a nearby holy river and thus the buses to Tamgas (the entry point to village) were cramped. We luckily got three seats for us.

During journey Harshdeep vomited in total 5 times. While returning he would vomit only 2 times! The conductor looked and sounded like the rat from Ratatouille.

We reached the village by 5 in the evening.

For the next few days we explored the village. Lok took us to his relatives, his aunts (he has 2 aunts and 3 uncles), we met all of them. His second aunt has 7 daughters and a son named Ganesh. I’ve seen three of the daughters. Lakshmi was really pretty so during farewell it was in my heart to see her one more time but alas I couldn’t!

We were lavishly treated in the village. We ate good food with a lot of clarified butter and so many milk products. A true village experience indeed!

A typical village has a typical mud pavement, mud walls painted with natural colours, wooden doors and support, LED lights and a toilet for every home.


We had to leave today to Lok’s Granny. In the morn we went to Sharda di’s (one of the daughters to Lok’s aunt). Well fed, we left on foot for Granny’s home.

I should tell you that we took odd route to reach there. It was a dangerous root and if someone would’ve fallen, there was a so coming back. Somehow we reached home. It turned out that the way we chose was the older passage to the village. The new passage is much broad with a jeep running in the morning to take back to Tamgas.

Lok had sever toothache, Harshdeep had severe cold. I were relieved of the pain in my paw.


We left early this morning to revisit Lok’s uncle and from there we sat in the jeep to leave for Tamgas and then to Butwal.


We went to Butwal today. Did some shopping. Earlier last evening I had met Nepali chotu (Virendra) who was looking for ideas for science fair. I suggested Tesla coil, so the next day we spent in looking for parts to make the coil. We had some time in our hands and everything went well except… the coil didn’t work. Anyways, we had fun in making it!

The next day we left for Senauli, then Gorakhpur and finally by 4 in the train which left at 4:50 and we reached Delhi next day by 10 PM as the train was delayed by 5 hours but alright! Gorakhdham express is well known for delays.

Nepal was an enriching and fun experience. Even though we stayed for more days than we should have, it was totally worth it.

I would now commence my adventure in CSIR-IGIB.


It was an amazing experience. I could only write about it this time, as I hadn’t been able to find time to write about most of the stuff, due to 2018 being a busy year for me. I have a lot of stuff to write about 2018, just not enough time.

Lok and Harshdeep, let’s do this once again someday! When I look at the photos, I melt away.

Gallery: The images are in random order. I’m too lazy to sort them chronologically. I think the narrative would be suffice to help figure out the correct order.

Note: There are some grammatical errors, I’m too lazy to correct them.



Shivay, शिवाय, Шиваэ, شیواے

I hope
The good in me inspires the good in you
I hope
The love you seek comes seeking you
I hope
To give it time and keep knowing
And I hope for all the better things

I’m a soul who seeks the mountain
And plans to become one too
I guard from the summit
My people are never alone

I dream
I sit at the feet of the Supreme
I dream
As he bestows his boons upon me
I dream
That the banes become cured in thee
And I dream that you go running free

For in the calm of the storm
The wind sings Shivay
And the place you call home
Is where your Shiv resides


Picture credit: ynwangjing

Ubuntu 14/16/18 Not Shutting Down (Solved)

For the past three days I have been trying to dual boot Windows with Ubuntu. I had this annoying shutting down problem. Ubuntu 14/16/18 won’t shutdown, instead it would stuck there for hours. Eventually I have to force shutdown it using power button.

Turning off machine/system using power button is not a good decision as it leads to corruption of Hard Drive (HDD) sectors making the HDD unusable in the long run.


Part 1

1.) Go to terminal (ctrl+alt+T)

~$ sudo gedit /etc/default/grub

2.) Now edit the file and replace the following lines with the lines given below.





GRUB_DISTRIBUTOR=`lsb_release -i -s 2> /dev/null || echo Debian`

GRUB_CMDLINE_LINUX_DEFAULT=”quiet splash radeon.modeset=1 radeon.drm=1

radeon.runpm=0 acpi=force”


GRUB_CMDLINE_LINUX=”bluetooth.blacklist=yes xhci_hcd.blacklist=yes”

3.) Save the file and close it

4.) Update the grub file in system

~$ sudo update-grub

Part 2

5.) In the terminal type

~$ sudo -H gedit /etc/systemd/system.conf

6.) Change the timing parameters as follows



7.) Run

~$ sudo systemctl daemon-reload

Part 3

8.) Go to Ubuntu Software and Updates and click on additional drivers

9.) Install the relevant binary driver, for me it was NVIDIA version 384.130

After doing all this try to shut down the system. You may have to power off the system by forcing the Power button for the first time but Ubuntu should shut-down normally subsequently.


Various online forums and official Ubuntu forums.


For installing various Linux OS with Windows dual boot go to the following link:


Dual Boot Windows With Linux OS

Having a dual boot system is good if you want to enjoy the productivity of Windows and power of Linux. Linux is a light on machine and thus gives you more raw computing power.


Installed Windows OS, Pen drive (at least 4 GB), Free space, at least 100 GB

# Steps

Part I: Choosing your Linux OS

1.) Select your favorite Linux OS

Fedora, Ubuntu, Mint are the ones I am going to focus on here because these are the most famous ones. I personally use Ubuntu but Fedora is also highly reliable. Ubuntu is simple and friendly for beginners.

Go to their respective sites to download latest ISO files of Fedora, Ubuntu, or Mint.

2.) Download the following utilities:

Fedora Media Writer for Fedora OS’s

Rufus (For UEFI booting systems)

Part II: Preparing your system

3.) Depending on your laptop go into the BIOS (usually F1 or F2) and turn off Secure Boot.

4.) If your Windows was installed from Legacy Support then Enable it otherwise keep it Disabled.

5.) Enable USB booting.

Exit and save settings.

Part III: Shrinking volume and making space for the new OS

6.) Go to Disk Manager

7.) Click on shrink volume to shrink on any volume for the suitable size

 [OPTIONAL] 8.) If a volume is locked you can go to command line and run diskpart

Type LIST to get the list of all available volumes.

Type SELECT DISK <NUMBER> to select the given disk.

Type LIST PARTITIONS to get the list of partitions in the selected disk.


Now, DELETE PARTITION OVERRIDE to delete the selected partition.

The space now will be visible in the partition manager.

8.) Leave the Unallocated space as such. This space would be used by the LINUX OS installer utility to install the OS.

Part IV: Burning the ISO to Pendrive to create bootable Linux OS

9.) Use the respective utility to burn Linux image into the pendrive. If you have a UEFI system then use GPT partitioning scheme and the respective default Format option.

Part V: Installing the OS

10.) Turn on your PC and press F12 or F11 (depending on your machine build) to get into the boot menu and select your portable Linux OS.

11.) The system would be launched. On the desktop you would see Install Linux OS (respective Linux OS).

Go through the installation process and your machine will be ready to use. You can boot into Linux by going into the boot menu. You can also go to BIOS and set priority for auto-boot wherein either Linux or Windows would start as the default OS.

Have a great day! 🙂


Long time! I have been busy with internship and sorting a few things out for myself. This piece was written back then, in a long time (of a few months). This is separate from other works. More concrete and comprehensible than the usual complex jargon. I believe it is extraordinary to write ordinary because ordinary alone would touch the hearts of the mass and complex is to be cherished only by a few and be marred with a lot of interpretation.

Picture: Pixabay CC0


3:53 AM 2/05/2018

Now I must write
But know that I write for you
Now I must speak
But I must speak that to you

Because reader alone
Could imbibe the words they read
The writer must thus
Write the word that reader need

If the word be an idea
Then it must be thought upon
If it happens to be a feeling
Then it must be felt along

And that we are only limited
By the bounds of our imagination
The writer wrote boundless
Now the reader must flow along


11:42 PM


Pardon me
If I pen this
As an extinction to an epiphany
Pardon me
If my words
Extend well beyond standards
I can tell
How annoyed
This disorientation tastes like
But did you know?

Alone they walked
Couldn’t find an asylum for their thoughts
Unshod their soul
To get up again
To fire walk and topple

The fox kept complaining about the grapes
Little she knew I kept balancing on a thin line
Just so that I could get to the other end, but
I fell over and over and over and over again
There was fire below and I burnt myself
The line is thin and would break the next time
I will take a walk on it but to hell with it
I shall just fall again like that ant who kept trying
To climb to get sweet, sweet honey
From the shelf and it was high and she couldn’t climb
She’d said, “I’d use the elevator”, didn’t she?
Used one and went to get the honey
While I still balance to get to the next side
I got past this time but you know
The line could’ve broken and I could’ve fallen
Could’ve, would’ve, should’ve who’d’ve cared?
What are the odds for such a thing to happen
After all I’ve been falling for quite some time now
The ant took the elevator to get some taste
I barely got past the thin line on a thin rope
But we all get to start somewhere right


11:13 PM


Third of the “Birthing Trilogy”


For a moment I thought I am sufficient
Not just for me but those around me
For a moment I left all the worries and
Wandered right into the jungles of my imagination
And I, with what all my creative juices had procured
Something extraordinary upon the free flown
Landscape of a never ending sentence
Hoping to find a conclusion out of a mess
A mess we term life
And as soon as I thought about it junk crept in
And a thousand thoughts fired in my head
Lit me up from the inside
And the heat was too much I could choke
I was being good mama
I was going on my way, I thought the right
Isn’t it good if it works for you?
But maybe it isn’t if I am doing it all the time
And I just forgot about my folks
My loved ones who couldn’t understand
That bravery isn’t fighting men
For things that don’t belong to us
Neither is making them wage war
Against one another and monger for more
I guess I haven’t grown up yet if I think it is bad
Life is a chaos and we continue to search for meaning
I deem it bravery to declare that love is my only God
Instead of moving in the dark doing what I don’t
The only thing that I think is true is when
“I” stopped using “you” and worked together
When “I” loved “us” more than “self”
I think I am sufficient if I can still love
I think I am brave enough if I could fight just for that