In the nag of that swarthy night
When the clouds were all maudlin
Sacred tree of banyan exhumed
Manes evincing the dance of doom

A ghost of a woman old and pale
Who lived her life but in vain
A ghost of a man young and tan
Who knew not of life and its pain

Eight in number the patrol of goons
Marching in fallacy for the shining moon
A philosopher who would stand aloof
Patronizing all the men in love

The woman cries for her empty life
The young man cries he lived no life
The goons cry for there was no moon
Philosopher cries to be known a goon

The crying ones are all manes
That dance all fain but cry in shame
For what would death hold for them
Their lives were only in paper and pen

Yet there was a sense of awe
How they danced without a flaw
What they could not fulfil in life
They hoped to achieve in afterlife

What deity are you so haunting
That renders the men daunting
So when the time is right and just
Fill thrills in the night let it burst

These mains haunt for evermore
For no reaper had them reaped
Fretting these manes seemed weed
Fallow helots of a night’s dream


Seven Animals


Laugh, you wicked beast laugh
Let your laughter fill the air with joy
Let me laugh with you too you cheeky beast
Your laugh is the tonic to my sarcasm


Cry, you filthy beast cry
Let your tears flood the earth with sorrow
Let me cry with you too you gloomy beast
Your cries embalm my misery


Cheat, you foxy little cheat
Ensue pandemonium unto your breed
Let me sing the charade too
Your tricks fuel my magic


Cram, sitting on your gammy legs you crammer
Repeat the filth that they speak
Let them hear their words, thus stammer
Your cramming makes them half of wise


Roar, you king of the jungle roar
Let the skies be the witness of it
Make them run in fear
Their fear fills your purpose


Ramped, unto the ground you ramped
Shake the earth and bring your killers down
Let the kings be aware of the emperor
Yet in heard you keep calm


Howling wolves come in packs
And that lions hunt alone
They must’ve forgotten
Strength is in unison

Heat Waves

They’ll be aimin’ Bullpup at me
Thinkin’ I’d be down
I’d be aimin’ AK at them
Gotta be in town
Today they are kings
Tomorrow they’ll  be clowns
They be relodin’ them guns
While we’d shoot through rounds

Each day we fight
They wanna wipe us all
We won’t go down so easy
All they can is brawl
This bickerin’ all the time
Makes my head spin so much
Ma’ homies are all full
We’re gonna make a rut

There’s a drive-by
There’s bullets all around
Me gun yaps hello
They’ll all be dead now
Pa say nothin’ comes of it
Useless violence it is
Do theirs say the same?
Or ’tis what they’re missin’?

Too late to brush philosophies
Let them gun be singin’ melodies
Ma’ homies goin’ crazy
It is a murderous frenzy
Many of us are dead
Many of them are too
What comes out o’ this madness
A shot o’ whisky due

Payin’ homage; payin’ tributes
Payin’ a lot o’ this and that
We would have paid a lot
But red don’t make us mad
I’d be singin’; phonies ringin’
Save me the charade
Helots die martyrs
We die ace an’ spade

Thoughts of a Mortal

Written on April, 15, 2017

Depression is a hym that chases me every day
Yet I stay strong and keep it at bay
Much of my strength comes from within
Most of the people I’ve seen do nay-say

This morrow I am breathing, I am aware
While much of Syria has been burnt bare
So many this day will be bereaven
So many more will succumb to treason

Have you known troubles because eventually we do
Do you run through them or do you see through
It doesn’t work if every time you win
It is better sometimes to get a shock or two

Rise and take a walk, stay and have a talk
Do love you a feather, but love do you a rock?
For sometimes rock forms the bottom of the brook
Of life, in life unshod feather make you sob

Everybody can hate but it is hard to love
Your giant expectation is your giant cuff
If you are bound; how can you be profound?
If you are full of material how can you be fluff?

I have no name, no afflictions yet I am so little
The more envious I am, the more I am brittle
The stronger I get, the less I can fathom
I pursue not, let there be a riddle

I do not assume, no beliefs, I only know
I am limited to mercy, I have not a show
I wish to live longer but I am mere mortal
Yet I am a universe; like it I never cease to grow


They asked me how I felt
But will they feel the way I do?
They have been asking me this for so long
And I replied the same, I feel the same
“What a bitter chap!”
“Heavens! You poor soul!”
That is what they say
Clutter is a synonym of redundant.

Oh the music! that pain offers
Oh the divine! The way I suffer
But do I care and in turn become weak
Because if I become weak then they will too
That’s right! not strong.
The strong puts on a smile, and so did I
When a person breaks to tether and drowns in wine
Poised is not the word you use
And here I lie
Still searching for the cues

Same old… same old
“How come a soul as innocent as you are
Got into this heap load of mess”
“How come a soul so brave
Is heading only to regress”
“You know you have the potential to grow”
Are you the one I have to show?
Does this world needs know?

“You have become weak”
Do I always have to be strong?
“You reflect an image of the past”
What have you? The sixth sense?
And they went on judging with the same
Inane remarks… nothing intellectual
Why do they even judge, those dilettantes
When they cannot even conjure up something unique
They’re only chaps, I am a tome

“Prodigy? But look at the prosody
It is an utter tragedy
Where is the melody
All s/he feels is melancholy”
How can I feel properly
If only sheer criticism you have ever offered me
And pardon me if I am speaking too loud
I hope I did, and how did it sound?
Isn’t it tough to dine in on something so profound?
Bitter or same?
I hope I have sounded the same.

Pic. Credits – Pixabay


# Most of my poetry happens when I am writing letters.

My love,

Burn my demons
Tend my soul
Love my child
Tender it’s coal

Brighten my darkness
Bring me hope
Improve me my love
Make me dope. Make me dope. Make me dope.

Tranquillity of your tacit powers
would balance out my truculent mental turmoil.
The depth of irises of your eyes, so dark,
that they would encompass all my gloom
and thus I would agape to the azure of sky
and be able to sense the truth
of the beauty of its colour once again.

As I enunciated the sentences of my idyll,
You would flash up
and speak of my mores laconically
whilst I would regress to my own parody.
Your smile would melt the most curmudgeonly hearts,
like a placebo for the most precarious of persons
who would succumb to depression.

Those palms of yours, their touch is emollient,
it would mess up my unintentional pedantry.
As those slender beautiful fingers of yours
would slip down all the way to my wrist,
and thus I would skip another
of my precious heartbeats but I don’t care — for you
are worth skipping hundreds of them.

As I would parse you whilst displaying my idiosyncrasies
only adored by a few, I’d be pumped up with plethora
of recondite feeling of what we call love
But what love can be the love that could be written down
So I’d rather not write it for it is meant to be felt
And so my love I urge you to feel it and know how much I feel the same
If you’d be breaking apart,
which would be least entertained by my dogma.
I would alleviate the somber
to preserve your subliminal child

From The M of Me,
To the E of thee
To you my love, to Love, Peace and some other nonsensical pursuits.

# Don’t ask me of the reply. 😀
And the photo is just there cause I loved it, it is of a spotted reindeer from Ranthambore National Park.


Eighteenth poem from Emotions.

They say I am too weak for the strong
For the problems that will come along
They did fooled me mind once too
Into thinking that I am no one but who
But I have the mettle of a soldier
I harbour great courage in my holster
And if the winds would turn even colder
My manners likewise will get even bolder

And just like from the moment I loved her
Eternity will I keep — evermore shall I hold her

Yeah! the very situation I am into
The same years ago not a day or two
I took the road that lead me to the now
To the point that I am — hereby avow
This goes to every shard of trouble
Every mistake that shook my hull
Everyone who discarded my doctrine
And took away oh! what was mine
This thank I pass from my heart
For all of it all put me at vanguard

Yeah! the very air that I am breathing
Is something I have to keep my faith in
I am facing the evolved form of the ago
Yet I’m a conformer harbouring lesser ego
So I would do what I can do — must do
From a gloom of the common I grew
What I have now is what I will cherish
For nature needs no unfit for they perish
Behold the mightier and superior of me
I present myself from head to toe to thee

Take away my substance — all material
But no one can take away my will
Smirk all you can at me, might be your perk
Steal all but you cannot steal my hard work
This situation is a challenge to me
And like every sportsperson he or she
In all ethics accepts it in good spirit
So shall I — this is the prayer of my wit
Tell me all you can for it is all you can do
No can quit, no can turn, never shall do