Second of the seven dedicated (kind of romantic) poems.

Ah! the melodious caw of crows
The sweet scent of rotten flesh
Beautiful fallen leaves and twigs
That enchanting gait of a wolf

She sings like a crow, my love
She smells of dripping blood
She looks like a burning twig
She walks like a hungry wolf

She holds me in her arms tight
As if a snake is choking its prey
My love is so precious and calm
Yet my love drives me insane

Her fingers are thin and pale
As ugly as a festered wound
Her nose sharp and polished
Her hair messy but pruned

With taste of my devotion
Her beasts shall melt alive
Under her divine subjection
I chant those odious cries

One in a billion and strange
The fulcrum of my existence
I, the vile and the deranged
How will I ever live without

So when my love went afar
I went through the adverse
All of hatred she festooned
That hatred found my love


First of the seven dedicated (somewhat romantic) poems.

Porcelain (Hymn of the Wolf)

Selene… serene is suffice
Sullen sand, soft surprise
Supreme, sophisticated
She should supervise
She shouldn’t surmise
The porcelain doll is sold
The men are porcelain
Porcelain men are sold
The sold men shall slay
Let not consume, the vice
Be summoned not tonight
Amidst the forest of mice
Where warmongers reside
Men have become like us
Now they murder our kind
Selene… serene is suffice

Selene, you hear the cries
The wolf woes for thee
Oh my wonderful bride!
Ever so brilliant and wise
Thence came to senses, I
Selene, serene is suffice
Let not be ridden mad
By the lights that you see
and fools harboring pride
Be summoned not tonight
In the land which patronises
The gods and demons alike
When the wolf shall plead
Upon your loss, my pride!
Selene… serene is suffice


Here, no longer here
There, no longer there
Chasing the silhouettes
The shadows, the past

Young, and growing old
Each day passes horrid
Looks at the sun, risen
Took to the sun, burns

Naive hold onto ideals
Every ideal has ideals
A never ending calamity
Two steps to life, passed

Away, tugged into bed
When the laze conquers
Imposed hideous laws
In the name of justice

Served stale, the food
The fungus rotten doors
The death of one menace
Birth of a thousand more

Seven Animals


Laugh, you wicked beast laugh
Let your laughter fill the air with joy
Let me laugh with you too you cheeky beast
Your laugh is the tonic to my sarcasm


Cry, you filthy beast cry
Let your tears flood the earth with sorrow
Let me cry with you too you gloomy beast
Your cries embalm my misery


Cheat, you foxy little cheat
Ensue pandemonium unto your breed
Let me sing the charade too
Your tricks fuel my magic


Cram, sitting on your gammy legs you crammer
Repeat the filth that they speak
Let them hear their words, thus stammer
Your cramming makes them half of wise


Roar, you king of the jungle roar
Let the skies be the witness of it
Make them run in fear
Their fear fills your purpose


Ramped, unto the ground you ramped
Shake the earth and bring your killers down
Let the kings be aware of the emperor
Yet in heard you keep calm


Howling wolves come in packs
And that lions hunt alone
They must’ve forgotten
Strength is in unison


Awaken, arisen, walked the deities

Forlorn the land, for waken
Saw the calm, saw the sorrow
Saw the men and all of horror
Brethren, where is our cradle?

Together, alone, walked the deities

What if forlorn, is what taken
Rang a turn, rang the turner
Roundabout reason of runner
Further, never shall go down

Heaven holpen, walked the deities

Condolences of sparrow to raven
You can’t bring, you can’t borrow
Join the deities now, this morrow
Have the deities now, be shapen

Heat Waves

They’ll be aimin’ Bullpup at me
Thinkin’ I’d be down
I’d be aimin’ AK at them
Gotta be in town
Today they are kings
Tomorrow they’llĀ  be clowns
They be relodin’ them guns
While we’d shoot through rounds

Each day we fight
They wanna wipe us all
We won’t go down so easy
All they can is brawl
This bickerin’ all the time
Makes my head spin so much
Ma’ homies are all full
We’re gonna make a rut

There’s a drive-by
There’s bullets all around
Me gun yaps hello
They’ll all be dead now
Pa say nothin’ comes of it
Useless violence it is
Do theirs say the same?
Or ’tis what they’re missin’?

Too late to brush philosophies
Let them gun be singin’ melodies
Ma’ homies goin’ crazy
It is a murderous frenzy
Many of us are dead
Many of them are too
What comes out o’ this madness
A shot o’ whisky due

Payin’ homage; payin’ tributes
Payin’ a lot o’ this and that
We would have paid a lot
But red don’t make us mad
I’d be singin’; phonies ringin’
Save me the charade
Helots die martyrs
We die ace an’ spade


In-between the cumbersome
I have found a way
Such long after the dark
I can finally feel the day
Those righteous beings
With a strange courage
They pull us apart like things
They have a strong gravity
They have a bold mouth
They conclude in brevity
Persuasive is their manner
Persuasive is their creativity

We are a swarm of bees
To us a conclusion is like honey
The nectar on which we feed
From their flowers taste funny
A helianthus and an argemone
The choice is ours on the nectar
That nectar becomes our tomb
Soiled is now the character
In fortification of this loom
This never ending saga
Theirs is the army
Theirs is the armada

How well they can preach
I am utterly amazed
In the name of this and that
How can they be so deranged
Stood erect on this ground
Their statute up erect
My head is in the mortar
My foot is in a crest
My hand is in a kettle
My heart laid to rest
They gave us the worst
They took all the best

Long live the law
Even longer the peace
Long live the mice
Even longer the cheese
Long live the fools
Even longer the wise
Long live the songs
Even longer the rhymes
Long living my passion
Long is the list of crimes
Long live the flowers
For longer are these times