We are living breathing miracles
Who are doomed to spend but a finite time
We are seemingly exotic parcels
Beneath and above of the grounds of crime
We are a sleep driven tragedy asleep
We are cruel humans; haphazardly sublime
We are a smothering pillow of weed
Wounded in and out, possessed by wine

Fantastic it is that how in an instant
The whole glory becomes the folly perchance
Monsters and men stand hand in hand
Tattered bodies withering for earthly cognisance
The day drinks waters mucked by men
The night sings lullaby to the departed radiance
Vow bounden people singing sorrel
Red is passion, brown is sad; ’tis fake romance

Fantastic it is that how in an instant
We become a part of an even larger entity
In a flash of a second how the soul
Sees, breaths, leaps and bounds an eternity
We see divinity in common things
The complex is what sees us with divinity
And how both predator and prey
Can consume each other with great alacrity



The Man, God and Beast
Woman, Rage and Feast
Blue, black and off reach
Hidden amidst the mist

Void; thenceforth awaken
Thy asleep; darkest desires
Pitch black for the sheath
Red rose like those pyres

Void inside; outside vague
Vindictive yet roundabout
Ventures the mind of sage
Commoners can but shout

Let the darkness consume
Make one with the purest
The corps dance asunder
Ghouls arrive like guests

The skies are making a rut
The land devoured by fire
As he balters o’er their top
The Mountains shed mire

The creator; the destroyer
The beginning and the end
God of all and all of Gods
Of time, nature and trend

He who is and who is not
He who holds; and let go
Asleep again; him and her
Creation beholds and lo


28/04/2017 3:41 AM

You were children
You grew up
Jaded by reality

No more craze
Crazy seem living
Living seem crazy

Off went surreal
Where went idols?
That you revered

We fought much
Seemed so naive
Naive we were

We was children
We was child-like
Elders are childish

What we do?
Can be anything?
Heap stupid them

Bound by grammar
Money and space
Saving their face

Are yous children?
Yous do are
More than that

Agape and aloof
Alive and assured
Alone and angry

Huff puff ruff
You cuffed up
All your securities

Make me live
Take a smile
Take your time

We are children
Let’s be children
Be child -like

Third Post

Selam! ¬†ūüôā

Time is flying and I am fortunate to be in love. I am fortunate to be here.

I want to take a moment to reflect upon the posts made so far since April 4, 2017.

What does it mean to pursue science?

It is a collective discussion about identifying oneself as a pupil of science. It sublimely tells that the purpose of language is to describe beauty in words.

Thoughts of a mortal

A poem about being grateful.

Where are the references?

How incorrect information can lead to disasters.  The role of correct information and attitudes towards mental health.

Hail Technology

A satire over the nonsensical advancements. How technology has made us prisoners. Nothing on a serious note.

Poppy Heptad

1.) Leaden

First of the seven poems belonging to the Poppy Heptad.
This is about separation as a result of interference by the haters.

2.) Holpen

This poem is about confusion and the need for clinging unto beliefs in times of distress.

3.) Rotten

This poem is about deception and how the person deceived may still want to be deceived over and over again by seeking pleasure in it.

More yet to come.


Holler Trilogy

1.) Heat Waves

One of the three poems about gang wars. It starts with bullets firing and ends with a heavy loss of life. From the perspective of the winners.


Seven Animals

A funny description of seven biases through seven animals.


The Joiejee Heptad:  Seven dedicated (somewhat romantic) poems.

1.) Porcelain (which itself is poem belonging  the Material Trilogy viz. Mud, Wood)

It is about the wolf who doesn’t want the goddess of ¬†moon to be summoned on earth. The men have become vile and they blame the wolves (while murdering them) to be the culprits. ¬†It has became a game of blaming. Metaphorically, each partner blaming the inadequacy of the other rather than accepting them.

Selene… serene is suffice (Selena, the distance is sufficient for me as long as you think of me lovingly)

2.)  The Strange Connection

It is about embracing the oddities. It is an expression of love in strange terms mostly the stereotypes of disgust. The ability to find perfection in the imperfect.

3.) Smile Monalisa Smile

From rejection to acceptance of the facts yet continuous dedication towards the feeling of love.

4.) Aureate Lexis Imbibed Anecdote of Amor

A pompous vocabulary incorporated story of the attributes of an odd couple.

5.) My Sheaf

The metaphorical expression of love as hunger and thirst. A physical need.
The reverence of the beloved. A spiritual need.
The complexity of feelings involved. Jealousy and envy and so on. An emotional need.

6.) Divine Consumption

Visualising the love as an art. An immortal poem. An elixir for the soul.

7.) Venerable Emptiness

Discovering love in times of distress. From feeling ego depleted, to depressed and finally empty. A hope for the betterment. Concluding that it is more important to love yourself and be kind to yourself. To treat the emptiness within you as venerable and fill it up with kindness and love.


Mud, Wood

Mud represents immortality while wood is symbolic of mortality.

The porcelain is the balance between the two. Literally it can be broken down as “por” ¬†(for) and “celain” (Selena).


The Emperor

Is a symbolic story (as a part of a long intertwined story about an assassinator).


I Can Not Really Tell Why Not

Literally a poem about the history of the English language.

In actuality, it is a personal reminder to me. A reminder of becoming more humane to become worthy of another decent human.


September is about to begin.

September. ‚̧


11:00 PM 2:30 AM 7:00 PM 8:00 PM

I should warn you before hand, this is not a poem for a poem’s sake. This is one of the ugliest poem that I have ever written but sometimes it is the hidden messages that matters and not the poem itself. This isn’t meant to be read. Just skip this week’s post. :))

However if you do find yourself to be reading it. Know that this is about the history of the English language  which actually begins from the third stanza. The first two are random collection of lines. Also, in the last stanza not much focus is given to the exquisite details such as the process of pidgeoning and creolisation. Afro American English (EAA) is an example of creolisation.

To be honest it is a weak attempt of representing a history that is far too intricate. The philosophical debates throughout 1300 – 1400 are not discussed at all. The invention of “Do” and related forms as well as subjunctive is not introduced at all. The major names are only given for the sake of giving some names. Indeed, the history of English is incomplete if I do not discuss Samuel Johnson and his famous dictionary and King James Bible. In short, you can find out a thousand more points which have not been introduced in this poem. Let me repeat once again: this is not a poem for a poem’s sake. ūüôā 

Maybe no word in English is there that ends with a ‘j’
Randomness through and through; why is it so
Is it that because much of the language is quasi
Norman French had had English as an employee
And it has made English far from perfect
Lament not but the complexity of the lexica

We have in English language a shifted ‘I’
However other vowels too had had their shifts (1)
Your language at times would make you say, wow!
Dem  makes all dem singular plural in EAA (2)
Old English language originally was inflated highly
Nonetheless some features retained, behold and lo

Our Stonehenge Gods perhaps knew some juju
They were from Europe, the venerable Celt
Your Indo-European pantheon they had woo
Our Rome had England till 547, under its roof
Umbria in North had The Anglian King Ida for nAm
The Northumbrian became thus first ones to sway

English evolved thus having a distinctive veil
Latin Bede in 747 to Caedmon’s creative spree
Lavishly illustrated great Bibles, Gospels and a
Huge collection was thus translated by the agog
Englishmen of WS, to make English a primer cru
Reshaped thus King Alfred the English you see

The Benediction revival of 11th gave a Latin blob
Her holy the OE thus disappeared from the tree
And grammatical genders, mutated plurals, cyclic
Terminology coinage had left for good the Anglia
Your Latin lexica, introduced by the religious guru
Our English people had become trilingual thus

Ultimately in 1066, Norman Conquest had freeze
Loan words from French into English and so
In speaking French, they sought the pride of
Kin of their higher selves,  we however feel shot
Earlier there were no silent letters to brush
How pilgrims went to Canterbury from Anglia!

English spellings regularized, in 984 Bishop did that
Rigorous broaching furthered a love of language, oui?
Lisp no further, with 1258’s document of Magna C (3)
Official status was thus given to English in Anglia!
Then with Caxton’s print in 1490s; alphabets were singin’
Shakespeare to Johnson all the way to the Creole tint (4)

(1) The great vowel shift which gave the Middle English, the Modern Phonetic touch
(2) English Afro American
(3) Proclamation of King Henry III of The Magna Carta of October 18, 1258
(4) Expansion of colonies and development of AAE (EAA) creoles of English

Creolisation happens when one language comes in contact with another and ends up taking the grammatical qualities of the another language. The resulting language is a perfectly grammatical new language e.g. Afro American English is an example of creolization in which it is perfectly grammatical to make plurals by using dem.  So dem book, dem man, are the same as saying books and men.

Pigeon language is ad-hoc language of basic communication for the purpose of trade between two mutually different language speakers e.g. English traders in China.  The word Pideon in-fact has its roots in Chinese.


A king of a small kingdom that faced the great Kailash, appointed a yogi as a mentor to his son. His son was a  prince of a fine nature with the composure of his father. Once the prince asked  his  mentor  to  tell  him  some  stories that the prince could relate with the real world.  The  mentor  told  him  these  three.


A ¬†bauna¬† (dwarf) ¬†was¬† three¬† inches¬† of¬† height¬† and¬† he¬† had¬† an¬† abode¬† beneath¬† a¬† banyan¬† tree.¬† It¬† was¬† great¬† toil¬† for him¬† to¬† go¬† to¬† the¬† end¬† of¬† the¬† field¬† where¬† the¬† banyan¬† was¬† situated¬† just¬† to¬† get¬† enough¬† to¬† eat.¬† As¬† each¬† day¬† went by¬† he¬† cursed¬† the¬† heavens¬† for¬† living¬† such¬† a¬† toilsome¬† life. One¬† day¬† a¬† six¬† feet¬† tall¬† man¬† came¬† to¬† take¬† shelter¬† in¬† the¬† trees¬† and¬† accidentally¬† sat¬† at¬† the¬† door¬† of¬† the ¬†bauna ¬†as¬† a¬† result¬† of¬† which¬† the ¬†bauna¬† couldn’t¬† go¬† out¬† in¬† a¬† search¬† for¬†¬† food¬† that¬† day.¬† For¬† him¬† finding¬† food¬† was¬† crucial¬† to¬† keep¬† warm.¬† That¬† day¬† the ¬†bauna¬† realised¬† that¬† he was ¬† a¬† slave¬† of¬† his¬† stomach.¬† Three¬† days¬† later¬† there¬† was¬† a¬† heavy¬† rainfall¬† and¬† a¬† snake came¬† by¬† to¬† take¬† shelter¬† under¬† the¬† banyan¬† tree.¬† The¬† bauna¬† feared¬† that¬† he¬† would¬† be¬† consumed¬† by¬† the¬† snake¬† if¬† he¬† went¬† out. The¬† bauna ¬†realised¬† that¬† he¬† was¬† a¬† slave¬† of¬† other’s¬† stomach.

He  believed  if  he  were  taller  like  the  man  who  blocked  his  door  then  he  never  would  have  had  to  face  hunger twice.  His  toil  would  have  been  a  joy  and  he  could  explore  more  of  the  world  and  live  and  rise  among  the honourable  breed  of  humans.

Thenceforth ¬†he¬† prayed¬† to¬† the¬† heavens¬† to¬† make¬† him¬† taller¬† and¬† rise¬† above¬† all.¬† Somehow¬† the ¬†bauna ¬†became¬† the tallest¬† human¬† in¬† the¬† world.¬† Now¬† he¬† had¬† different¬† kinds¬† of¬† problems,¬† he¬† obviously couldn’t¬† hide¬† beneath¬† the¬† door¬† of¬† his¬† house,¬† and¬† had¬† no¬† place¬† to¬† sleep¬† anymore.¬† He¬† realised¬† that¬† he¬† have¬†¬† to¬† build¬† a¬† house¬† again¬† and¬† do¬† the¬† same¬† things¬† he¬† used¬† to¬† as¬† a¬† dwarf¬† which¬† is¬† double¬† the¬† toil¬† he¬† has¬† to¬† do¬† as¬† compared¬† to¬† earlier.¬† Also,¬† he¬† realized¬† that¬† he¬† more¬† food¬†¬† would¬† need¬† to¬† be¬†¬† consumed¬† by¬† him;¬† that¬† much food¬† hardly¬† comes¬† around¬† as¬† he¬† knew¬† not¬† of¬† hunting¬† deer, and so he prayed again to become a dwarf.

You must not believe, for beliefs are debatable. Just know that there Is.


A  woman  was  plagued  by  the  reality  when  she  got  older  and  realise  that  she  has  to  live  the  same  lives  as  those  of  the  women  around  her.  She  is  to  marry,  have  children,  and  to  retire  to  death.  She  felt  her  heart  to  be the  slave  of  the  society.

A  man  was  plagued  by  the  reality  when  he  got  older  to  realise  that  he  has  to  live  the  same  life  as  that  of  men around  him.  He  is  to  marry,  father  children,  and  retire  to  death.  He  felt  his  heart  to  be  the  slave  of  the society.

The  day  when  they  were  enlightened  of  the reality,  was  the  day  when  they  became  the  parents   and  their children  carried  their  tedious  fate  in  the  terms  of  vague  reality.
We are the prisoners of ourselves.


A   troubled  man  saw  trouble  in  all  things  in  life. He  realised  that  there  was  a  huge  flower  of  dandelion  in  front of  his  eyes  that  blocked  him  from  all  reality  and  that  he  needed  to  get  rid  of  the  flower  which  was  seven  times  taller  than  him.  He  realised  that  wherever  he  turned  the  flower  followed  and  blocked  his  field  of  view. He  realised  that  all  he  needed  to  do  was  make  a  wish  and  dissipate  the  giant  prongs  of  dandelion  and  the world  will  become  clear  in  front  of  him.

He¬† wished,¬† “give¬† me¬† clarity,¬† that¬† I¬† may¬† see¬† all¬† that¬† is¬† in¬† front¬† of¬† me”¬† and¬† with¬† a¬† strong¬† gust¬† of¬† air¬† from¬† his lungs¬† he¬† blew¬† the¬† prongs¬† of¬† dandelion.¬† Exhausted¬† he¬† slept.¬† When¬† he¬† woke¬† up ¬†he ¬†found ¬†himself ¬†at ¬†zenith. ¬†The whole ¬†of ¬†world ¬†could ¬†now ¬†be ¬†seen ¬†as ¬†a ¬†flake ¬†of ¬†ice ¬†and ¬†he ¬†had ¬†air ¬†beneath ¬†his ¬†feet. ¬†Whole ¬†of ¬†the ¬†universe ¬†was unimaginably ¬†large ¬†to ¬†fathom¬†¬† in¬† sing¬† view. ¬†He ¬†realised ¬†how ¬†minute ¬†he ¬†was ¬†and ¬†the ¬†huge ¬†flower ¬†of ¬†dandelion in ¬†his ¬†world ¬†was ¬†but ¬†his ¬†real ¬†magnitude. ¬†That ¬†instant ¬†he ¬†could ¬†see ¬†an ¬†even ¬†larger ¬†flower ¬†blocking ¬†his ¬†view ¬†to the ¬†flake ¬†he ¬†called ¬†‘his world’ ¬†and ¬†he ¬†found ¬†himself ¬†to¬† be ¬†looking ¬†forward ¬†to ¬†blow ¬†the ¬†prongs ¬†of ¬†this ¬†even larger ¬†flower.

God percolates in everything. God distils everything. God is light and eternal darkness and everything in between.

The  prince  became  one  of  the  greatest  kings  to  rule  his  world,  even  surpassing  his  ancestors.  Yet  he  could never  make  sense  of  the  three  stories that  he  heard  from  his  mentor.

As ¬†the ¬†mentor ¬†was ¬†dying, ¬†the ¬†price, ¬†who ¬†became ¬†the ¬†king ¬†and ¬†now ¬†the ¬†emperor ¬†came ¬†to ¬†him ¬†to ¬†ask ¬†what ¬†the three ¬†strange ¬†stories ¬†he ¬†once ¬†heard ¬†as ¬†a ¬†prince ¬†conclude ¬†to. ¬†The ¬†mentor ¬†placed ¬†his ¬†hand ¬†on ¬†the ¬†head ¬†of ¬†the emperor ¬†and ¬†with¬† ever¬† so¬† kind ¬†eyes replied, ¬†“How ¬†tall ¬†you ¬†are ¬†now, ¬†yet ¬†you ¬†chose ¬†to ¬†remain ¬†a ¬†dwarf ¬†in ¬†front of ¬†me. ¬†Your ¬†empire; your ¬†child, ¬†and ¬†your¬† children; your ¬†empire, ¬†would ¬†fight¬† over ¬†your ¬†kingdom ¬†like ¬†dogs and ¬†petty thieves yet ¬†your ¬†world ¬†is ¬†the ¬†flake ¬†that ¬†you ¬†cannot ¬†see.”

The  emperor  understood  and  now  he  felt  that  he  could  not  conclude  from  the  stories  that  he  heard  as  a  prince because  he  thought  of  the  stories odd  even  for  a  child  and  deemed  them  unreal.  The  emperor  died  a  glorious death  after  which  the  world  was  divided  into  realms  with  unquenchable  hunger  and  thirst  of  greed  and  of  power. Before kingdom came upon the emperor, he had the stories engraved on the castle walls. The stories survived as long as their language survived but one of his sayings prevailed through time:

“As my end approaches I now have the knowledge. I never stopped believing till my last days. I should have known from the start. I know Him and I don’t know anything else.”


Mud, Wood

Also two of the original trio: Porcelain, Mud, Wood


I brought a mud-tanned
Must hang piece of craft
Must mend, more at hand
A little bit broken at shaft
Mud flakes chipping apart
I have a mud stand to mend
All maps made out of mud
Mud brought and mud spent
Mud money for madmen
Mud furour by mud brigade
To dissolve again in mud
Is the dream of the wood


Two logs standing apart
A log in front, a log in back
Made out of a bigger log
The trees are taken aback
To cut with all strength
An axe severs own hand
Yet the men must stand
Bring forth two more logs
Two logs standing close