Sixth of the seven dedicated (somewhat romantic) poems.

7:48 AM 10/07/2017

Divine Consumption

Let me sink if needs be
To let my soul discover
That our gods may kiss
And heart cries a river

If Moon is the mischief
The Sun who but yields
So is Man who is willing
In doing hideous deeds

You are all those stars
They never could see
You are all those scars
They never could heal

If rose is to be blamed
For her thorns hidden
Judge the blind ‘swell
And so sage’s wisdom

You are the very wine
That Gibran speaks of
They search for a grail
You are that very cup

Let me drink from you
The essence of the life
Knowledge of the self
For that’s what I strife

Now let me sink deep
So that I may dissolve
Consume me in toto
And so we can evolve


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