4:21 AM 25/06/2017

Fifth one of the seven (kind of romantic) dedicated poems.

A sheaf of corn has more to offer
Than those thousand selfish beings
And that sheaf is sufficient unto me
I worship you like that  very sheaf
While they pray for rain to happen
They call unto the crops to grow
They had sown the seeds of pepper
Yet want  the crop they hadn’t sown
When it grows to the convivial reap
I’ll be the most merry of all beings
I’ll be harvesting not crop but love
The very love my worship admixed
The retinue will arrive at my gates
Shamelessly beg for an ear or two
But the very love admixed in sheaf
In the hands of such improper beings
Converts to sloth, injustice and greed
When my love is the sheaf I worship
The difference she had me perceive
Twix envy and jealousy is vexing
Those all others but reap and sow
A flock of sheep; a bunch of scare-crows


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