Fourth of the seven dedicated (kind of romantic) poems.
20/05/2017 | 1:53 AM

Aureate Lexis Imbibed Anecdote of Amour

(Bombastic Vocabulary Incorporated Short Amusing Narrative of Love)

He has a jejune chortle
She has cherubic simper
Babbitry in his raiment
Blithe is her garment

Cheerful seems the lad
But furtive his sojourns
Doleful seems the lass
Yet a terpsichorean walk (1)

The modern blasé (2)  hidalgo (3)
The debonair maiden blasé (4)
Doddering are his fingers
While ignorant is the lass

In limericks he discloses
The riddles of his heart
In orisons she chants
Happenings of the past

Blunders he have made
While chasing off the harsh (5)
The muse is done with ruse
The past for lass has passed

Inebriating souse the love (6)
A larceny of the hearts
He obviated the words
While she obviated the lad (7)


(1) As if a step of dance (2) sophisticated (3) of lower Spanish nobility (4) unconcerned (5) intoxicated by love (6) those strange thing people do to cover up their insecurities (7) made his existence unnecessary


Let me know if there is a need of simplification of the vocabulary pomp.


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