Third one of the seven dedicated (kind of romantic) poems.

One day ago I stood ‘neath the shed
After two long days of sojourns; I feel fresh
Three long years it have been; seems yesterday
Four days to leave; four years I’ve swayed
Five more things to do; five more leaps to make
Six more things be shaken adrift in my wake
Seven laws will bind my Monalisa to me
Eight times I’ve proposed to her
Nine times she have declined
Monalisa does not smile
Monalisa does not cry
I long to see her smile; her cheeks turn rose
I long to be next to her; spend some more time
Long live Monalisa; long live you love of mine
Eight more times I’ll try
For seven lives our fates we’ll bind
Six part worth of courage; six part worth of care
Fifth thing is to make her smile
Fourth is to stare at her for a while
Third is to go get down on my knees
Second is to go get a deep breath
First is to make sure I know
For the best way to love
Don’t believe; just know
What if she say sorry you do love me; but I don’t
Is that the end no more shall I try?
She said no, it has been a day since
I still stand ‘neath the tree; not much do I wish
The eagles above me soar high
The land beneath me seems nigh
This day I wish this night should consume
Embrace me Sun; burn me down
I’ll move on; I’ll be alright
I am fain upon her gaze; I faint at mere surmise
Of Monalisa as she does smile


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