Second of the seven dedicated (kind of romantic) poems.

Ah! the melodious caw of crows
The sweet scent of rotten flesh
Beautiful fallen leaves and twigs
That enchanting gait of a wolf

She sings like a crow, my love
She smells of dripping blood
She looks like a burning twig
She walks like a hungry wolf

She holds me in her arms tight
As if a snake is choking its prey
My love is so precious and calm
Yet my love drives me insane

Her fingers are thin and pale
As ugly as a festered wound
Her nose sharp and polished
Her hair messy but pruned

With taste of my devotion
Her beasts shall melt alive
Under her divine subjection
I chant those odious cries

One in a billion and strange
The fulcrum of my existence
I, the vile and the deranged
How will I ever live without

So when my love went afar
I went through the adverse
All of hatred she festooned
That hatred found my love



  1. It is about completely accepting a person. Cherishing and embalming or all their insecurities, physical and mental 🙂 thank you for taking your time to read it 😀


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