Sometimes I feel benthic
This solid stratum
Sometimes I feel broken
I assume rock bottom

Poison of hatred
I never catered
Yet harmony seems broken
And faith seem shattered

This utter turmoil
In a form unknown
A game of blames
All seems con

Beings deprived of love
Folk seeking happiness
And acting so dumb
Living less and less

Having kindness lost
Converts into inhuman
What have we made
Of a decent person

They speak of changing
Manners and oneself
They say many things
Yet none for themselves

Preaching of love
Throwing in tough
Blaming the character
Seeping through rough

But Time decides
It is the power
And Faith resides
Those who don’t cower

Now who am I?
I am a phoenix
And what do I feel?
I am all frolic

Rocky or not
Bentham below the dot
I am calm and poised
And I miss no shot

I am a champion
Over my demons
I am breathing
Though pressure is tons

I don’t care anymore
Of your words
Mine are more potent
Than your curse

I am a fiend
Residing in disguise
I have a voice
That speaks against vice

I live in present
I savour the challenge
I mock my weaknesses
Trade it for advantage

I trade for money
And not for time
I smoke no sorrow
Drown in no brine

Life I acknowledge
I will carry on
Each day might be last
Living with a don

Keeping the courage
Whatever will hurt
With a child in myself
Seeking rainbows in desert



Nilesh Nikalje


5 thoughts on “WORDS TO SELF

  1. Wonderful.how much u r funny dear !! Most lovely words…”with a child in myself;seeking d rainbow in desert….”i too seeing dis time dt rainbow in desert in my imagination.


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