Long time no see for I had been busy with exams and stuff. 🙂

Finally got the time to finish a thought started as a four line of nothing last year to a meaningful something.
{ 23/11/15 23/05/2016 2:20 AM }-> This is supposed to mean something to me. Don’t worry about it. 😀

This is not supposed to be a poem for the nature as depicted by the animals, instead it is about “nature” and the common English name of the animals depicted in the photograph 😉 (Image credits: Pixabay).


Do not lie for I catch them, said she
Do not fake your manner, get real
The reality, you see, goes not unseen
Irony can be as blunt as raw iron
Add some carbon and you get the steel
Even my sarcasms go too far, I know
There is peace, then there is clutter
Love is a strange form of enthusiasm
Tickles from the navel then goes on further
Soon converted to a patterned spasm
Sweetening thoughts and all that is bitter
Converting bitter to all who are sweet
I take too much sugar, too much of it
As if love were not enough as it is
Give love and so you are taking love
Take enough and you are the bathing dove
Have the courage to be stupid enough
But not too much that you face the rough
I sent the echoes and now I cannot speak
I saw the sorrow and now you cannot see
I am losing my senses, none can I keep
I am breathing with pace hoping to be free
I was born an individual free of tags
I knew not of riches nor of the rags
We are born free and hope that it is legal
In this crashing world dipped in illegal
I am once again deluded by the regal
Falsehood has been claimed by the dull
Everybody loves, it makes us human
Also we are bound to make mistakes
Every now and then; and a lot of times
The wrong person is making mistakes too
Then again, love is only as blind as we are



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